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With over 5,000 users nationwide, is the leading government sector job board. It fully integrates recruitment, selection, and applicant tracking. The website was in dire need of an update so I used the opportunity to create a new identity and UI that felt fresh and modern.


My objective was to give Government Jobs a distinct voice from the competitors'. After the identity work was complete, I translated the initial wireframes and specs provided by the UX designer into final UI. Throughout the development process, I worked directly with the front-end development team to ensure accurate translation of the design.


Identity Exploration

I experimented with marks that felt bold, forceful, and matter of fact. Design for the public sector tends to be dry and outdated, so I wanted to push for something that felt young and fresh.


Color Study

The color palette is play off of red, white, and blue. The turquoise and red orange are used in large swashes throughout the site.


Pattern Library

Final Responsive UI - Mobile


Sign In & Search

Users can either create an account, sign in, or login as an employer.


The filter navigation first narrows down the selection choice by filter category. After a category is chosen, users may select specific facets to filter from.

Application Process

The dropdown at the top displays the step the applicant is currently on. Information is displayed in view mode by default. Users must enter edit mode in order to make any changes.

Final Responsive UI : Desktop

Job Listings

Job Listings

Job Detail

Job Detail

Job Application Process

Job Application Process