HR Cloud Pattern Library

HR Cloud Pattern Library


A living pattern library is a sometimes overlooked but highly integral part of achieving a nimble and responsive app. The HR Cloud pattern library is built to withstand constant iteration while limiting confusion. Designers use the pattern library to rapidly prototype high-fidelity user flows in minutes while developers use it as a synchronized code base across the app suite.

My Role

I was responsible for compiling, designing, and delivering all components of the library.  I also had the opportunity to determine the brand colors, typography, and UI style for the entire suite of apps. To accomplish this, I worked with the Creative Director to establish a modular scale. This 6px scale was used for the vertical and baseline grids, type sizes, object sizes and spacing between elements. Next, I worked with the design team to nail down UX decisions behind each component. Lastly, I applied the final UI and delivered the specifications to the front-end developers.



2012 - 2016


Brand + Identity
Product Design