HR Cloud Product Suite

HR Cloud Product Suite


HR Cloud is an all-in-one HR SaaS product built for companies large and small. The suite of apps consist of Onboarding, People Management (HRMS), Kudos and Recognition, Time Off, and Social. It is built upon the belief that HR software isn't just for HR anymore—it's way more than that. By encouraging employee engagement within the product, company culture is improved and employees are better connected and more productive.

My Role

I joined HR Cloud as one of the first members of the design team back in 2012. I had the pleasure of rebuilding the entire product from the ground up alongside a Creative Director and two other designers. Together, we completely overhauled the existing system and created extensible UX patterns that are the foundation of the product suite today. In 2014, I became the Creative Director and grew the team to eight talented designers (visual/brand, animation, and product). As the Creative Director, I led the design strategy for the product suite, including the brand and identity.



2012 - 2016


Creative Direction
Product Design
Brand + Identity