HR Cloud Identity

branding + identity / ART DIRECTION


Project Overview

HR Cloud needed a fresh new look to reflect the company's mission of making HR software easier to use. The original branding lacked a unique personality and approachability. To fix this, we added more color, nailed down a flat illustration style, and chose typefaces that are playful yet refined. Establishing a consistent voice across our UI, marketing assets, and company culture was the biggest challenge.


My Role

The new identity took shape organically, as it was built in tandem with the platform's UI. I was responsible for the logo, color palette, and type choices, as well as initiating the creation of a company brand guide.  On a day to day basis, I am responsible for enforcing our brand standards across all customer facing products and marketing campaigns.

The new HR Cloud logo reflects the primarily flat UI and works beautifully in digital and print applications.

Blog illustrations created by the visual designer demonstrating a flat illustration style based on geometric shapes.


I worked with the visual designer and animator to create this marketing video for our product, Onboard.