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The first day of a new job typically consists of filing paperwork, watching orientation videos, and settling in. This process is not only boring and tedious for new-hires—it's costly and increases the chance of turnover within the first year of employment. HR Cloud's Onboard streamlines new-hire paperwork and processes so that employees can get to work from day one. Companies can set up a company portal with using customizable widgets, checklists, and forms. There are also smaller "baby" portals that companies can tailor towards specific departments, office locations, and positions. The goal is to make this process fun and informative so both companies and employees can get off on the right foot.


I worked with the UX designers, front-end developers, and key stakeholders on a daily basis throughout the process. I also art directed the interaction animations. After the UX was finalized, I meticulously combed through the wireframes and converted them into pixel-perfect final UI to deliver to the development team.




Animation Specifications

Cubic-bezier: (.27,.91,.57,.98)
Time: .3


Admins can pick an accent color and upload a logo and background image. To preserve text readability, uploaded background images are converted to grey scale in the back-end and the chosen accent color is overlayed on top.




Users add widgets in the context of the portal by clicking on the "add widget" area. Doing so brings in a flyout with types of widgets to add. Next, users can fill in the widget with content while previewing the widget in the background.