NEOGOV Online Hiring Center

NEOGOV Online Hiring Center


NEOGOV's Online Hiring Center (OHC) is used by hundreds of thousands of organizations to automate, record, and communicate decisions during the hiring process.

My Role

The biggest and most challenging project during my four years at NEOGOV was revamping and launching OHC.  When I began tackling the project, OHC was about ten years overdue for a redesign and I was going to be the first designer to touch the product. I worked alongside project managers, developers, and the CEO in a highly iterative process throughout the span of the project (about 1 year). All of the design decisions were validated through user surveys and customer calls. By the end of the project, I had established an entirely new look & feel for the entire NEOGOV suite of products.



2015 - 2016


UX + UI Design
System Design


Navigating complexity

OHC's code is shared with the rest of the NEOGOV app suite, which provided a great number of technical limitations. Because of this, I had to build a new, flexible design system that could work with legacy code and extend to rest of the app suite.


Increased Usability

I introduced a flyout interaction for all "create" workflows so that users could easily add items without losing context.