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Workmates is a web and iOS app that promotes team engagement, collaboration, and productivity. It enables employees to easily find and connect with anyone in their company through its seamless integration with GoogleApps. Employees can then send kudos and rewards to their peers, as well as post leave statuses.

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My Role

I conceptualized and designed the first MVP version of the app that was submitted to the AppStore. To accomplish this, I worked directly with the CEO to define the business requirements and overall product strategy. The initial version of the app included chat, employee profiles, and company directory. The feature set was later expanded and integrated into the HR Cloud ecosystem. After the initial launch, I delegated the project to another designer on the team and served as Creative Director.





Product Design
User Interface
User Experience
Art Direction


Developing the Workmates Brand & Voice

From the start, I knew that I didn't want Workmates to look and feel like every other company directory or HR app out there. Our goal was to foster a fun, collaborative, and casual environment for employees to interact with each other. I came up with the animals metaphor because it highlighted the unique melting pot of personalities in the workplaces in a non-literal way.

Illustrations and animations created by the super talented  Jeff Chang

Illustrations and animations created by the super talented Jeff Chang